Rabl Non-Alcoholic Kamptal Verjus Spritz

Rabl Non-Alcoholic Kamptal Verjus Spritz

Rabl Non-Alcoholic Kamptal Verjus Spritz

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Traditionally, Verjus is a tart juice pressed from unripe grapes, which is used as a cooking wine or mixed into cocktails. This new Verjus Spritz alternative is designed to drink on its own or mix into cocktails. It can also be used to deglaze your pan for a mushroom risotto or a lemon wine sauce.


Kamptal Verjus Spritz is a collaboration between Rudolf Rabl, his friend Karl Schwillinsky and his partner Barbera Öhlzelt. Rudi assists with his perfectly grown Zweigelt grapes, which he musts for Barbera and Karl. They carefully flavour the must with a decoction of herbs that have been picked in the forests around Kamptal. Spring water and carbonation are added to create a delicious alcohol-free alternative.

Tasting Notes:

Rabl Kamptal Verjus Spritz is fruity and fresh with notes of red apples, lemon, stone fruit and herbs. Sweet and effervescent to begin, it floats in the mid palate in harmony before finishing with a nice line of acidity. It makes this unique wine so versatile and a delicious non-alcoholic alternative.

Best Enjoyed:

Chilled in a white wine glass. Or, mix with soda, and lemon over ice. For cooking, use a splash to deglaze a pan, or add to sauces, pasta dishes and vinaigrettes. Use in place of a white wine, for a more flavourful experience.
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