HP Juniper Classic Non-Alcoholic Gin

HP Juniper Classic Non-Alcoholic Gin

HP Juniper Classic Non-Alcoholic Gin

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While the folks at HP Juniper love a delicious, good-quality gin, they wanted to come up with a product that would still let people who are watching their alcohol intake enjoy a great-tasting drink and the pleasure of raising a glass.


Distilled like traditional gins in a copper still, HP Juniper is the first non-alcoholic spirit to draw its unique taste from a blend of flavours to offer the unique aromas of gin to people who want a gin experience without the alcohol. HP Juniper Classic Gin is prepared using an aqueous solution and then flavoured with juniper, lemons, and organic herbs all from Quebec.

Tasting Notes:

Super fresh on the nose with aromas of limes, lemons, yuzu and a hint of cucumber. Light and fresh on the palate with notes of limes, cucumber and a light jalapeño like spice on the finish. The spice mellows out a lot with temperature and dilution.

Best Enjoyed:

Perfect for mixing with flavour-driven cocktails like a sling or Bee's Knees.

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